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Lacryma Christi, The Wine, The Legend

Lacryma Christi, The Wine, The Legend

Campania is larger than life. Naples, home of pizza, Spaghetti Alle Vongole, and the Risotto Alla Pescatora. The gorgeous Amalfi Coast, Capri Island and Sorrento. The dazzling nearby Pompeii and the awe-inspiring Mount Vesuvius overlooking the Naples Bay. Isn't this a stunning region?

Although Naples and the surrounding area have more to offer than you can imagine, it’s the verdant vineyards over volcanic soils along the Vesuvius foothills and the wine born from them what makes you go back to the region time and again.

From all the fantastic wines of all colors and styles, all from native grapes made by passionate winemakers, one wine style has been elevated to legendary status — Lacryma Christi.

The History Behind Lacryma Christi

Wines from the Vesuvius slopes were widely appreciated since Ancient Roman times, as vines were planted in the volcanic slopes of Mount Vesuvius in the 5th century BC, long before the volcano swept the city of Pompeii.

‘The tears of Christ,’ is a Vesuvius wine style hard to trace back, that might reference the legend behind Bacchus, the God of wine, weeping the tears of joy that brought the ancient Vesuvius vines to life. Christian monks modified the story for a more recent godly figure, giving the name ‘Lacryma Christi’ to their wines.

Styles for All Palates

Only the ripest grapes grown in the slopes of Mt. Vesuvius that achieve 13%-14% alcohol levels with greater aromatic complexity and a fuller mouthfeel can be labeled as Lacryma Christi. Yet, a myriad of styles are available.

Lacryma Christi Bianco is made with at least 80% Caprettone grapes and can be blended with other local varieties, resulting in a fragrant wine of lovely acidity and the most enticing of bouquets.

Here at Cantina del Vesuvio, we produce a wine of 100% Caprettone for our interpretation. This wine boasts an impressive display of characteristics such as, an elegant pale yellow color with golden hues, a delicate floral bouquet with fruits and nice minerality on the palate, perfect for the region’s seafood dishes and fresh cheeses.

This style of production allows for Rosso and a Rosé versions, too, made from a minimum of 80% Piedirosso and might contain other local red grapes, including the robust Aglianico.

We believe a wine produced with 100% Piedirosso is the truest interpretation of the Lacryma Christi red wines. Our 100% Piedirosso results in a pleasing bouquet of red fruits & spices, with a medium to full-bodied structure that's perfect for meat sauces, roasts, and aged cheeses.

Our rosé is also produced from 100% Piedirosso from our finest vineyards and displays a personality of fruit & floral notes with a nice dry finish perfect for pairing with fish, meats, and risotto.

Lacryma Christi can also take the form of sparkling wines and sweet specialties, including passito, completing a full spectrum of delicious wines that represent the best in the region.

Be Part of the Legend

On behalf of everyone at Cantina del Vesuvio, we invite you to enjoy the legendary Lacryma Christi wines and make them part of your life. There’s joy in every sip as you taste history and share it with friends and family.

Wine is never only wine; it’s thousands of years of hard work; it’s the people behind it, the food that goes with it, and the legend that makes it great. Lacryma Christi wines, as the beautiful vines planted on the Mount Vesuvius’ slopes, are larger than life.

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