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The History of Cantina del Vesuvio

The History of Cantina del Vesuvio

Cantina del Vesuvio is a well-regarded winery run by the Russo family since 1930. Winemaking traditions go deep in the Russo family. Still, the winery is also at the forefront of biological and sustainable practices honoring their past but taking the wine customs around the active volcano to a better future.

Growing native grape varieties organically and turning them into wine that’s both an homage to the ancient wine country and a form of preservation of the land for future generations makes Cantina del Vesuvio a special place. It’s not only an inspiration for the community but for the visitors that find in their wines the authentic expression of the vineyards that thrive around the legendary Mount Vesuvius.

The Region

To understand Cantina del Vesuvio, you must get to know the terroir that inspires every wine made in the estate, marked by fire, ashes, and the refreshing breeze coming from the Gulf of Naples.

Grapes have been growing in the region since the 12th century BC and is one of the most ancient winemaking provinces in Italy.

The vineyards are hard to miss as they surround the famous Mount Vesuvius, better known for immortalizing in stone the city of Pompeii almost 2000 years ago. The volcano is still active, and it’s thanks to the black volcanic soils, reminiscent of thousands of years of volcanic activity, that the extraordinary grapes that call the region home can thrive and deliver wines of delectable quality.

It is here, at 900 ft above the Mediterranean Sea, that Cantina del Vesuvio tends like a garden their 40 acres of vines, and it’s all thanks to the dream of one man, Giovanni Russo.

The Cantina

The year was 1948; World War II had come to an end, and Italy’s wine regions needed dreamers to restore to their former glory. Giovani Russo was amongst these dreamers and established a small family winery on the slopes of the imposing volcano.

At the time, both working the vineyards and making wine where labor intensive and time-consuming, transporting the grapes in horse-drawn wagons to make modest amounts of extraordinary wine.

Maurizio, Giovanni’s son, took control of the winery, with innovation and aims to a bright future, but never forgetting what quality wine is all about — respect for the land and the timeworn tradition of making artisan wine.

Cantina del Vesuvio sells its wines only on-premise or through their website, making them coveted reflections of the picturesque terroir. The vineyards are treated with organic products, and in the winery, the team makes wine with an un-interventionist approach to show the world the real personality of the autochthonous grapes Piedirosso, Caprettone, and Aglianico.

Where Passion meets Modernity

Ancient volcanic soils, millennial grape varieties, and a dedicated family committed to preserving the region’s traditions is a combination rarely seen, and the result is hardly a surprise: World-class wines with a local spirit.

Every glass, every drop of wine, is a postcard of the impressive Neapolitan scenery that has charmed travelers for centuries. For the purest experience, you’ll have to visit; Cantina del Vesuvio is waiting for you with open arms.

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