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Production Methods

At Cantina del Vesuvio we aim for sustainability in all phases of production and distribution.

We’ve been farming our 16 hectares of Piedirosso, Caprettone, and Aglianico vines organically since 1996, gaining official organic certification in 2006. We’re proud to meet strict organic production standards in both Europe and the US, one of the few Italian wineries to do so.

Organic Viticulture

As a certified organic wine producer, we don’t use artificial chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides. This results in wine that’s not only healthier to drink but also a pure expression of its origin. We take pride in the sandy, volcanic, potassium-rich soils, south-to-southwest orientation, and altitude of our vineyards and aim to reflect this unique terroir in every bottle of wine.


Our Grapes


Wines: Vesuvius Lacryma Christi Bianco DOC

Story: Caprettone is a white grape that’s indigenous to Vesuvius and grown hardly anywhere else in the world. As such, it offers a unique tasting experience to our wine lovers. The name Caprettone translates as ‘big goat’ because the grape clusters resemble a goat's beard.

Production: We use an ancient system of trellising known as ‘pergola’ to cultivate Caprettone. This method provides ample shade and protection for the grapes and vine roots and, with global warming, is becoming even more essential in our vineyards.


Wines: Piedirosso (Per'e Palummo) for Vesuvio Lacryma Christi Rosato and Rosso DOC

Story: Piedirosso is a black grape widely planted across Campania and is one of the region’s specialties. It’s our winery's main red grape variety. In the local dialect, this grape is called Per'e Palummo ("pigeon's foot") because that's what its red stem resembles when separated from the grapes.

Production: We use the espalier system which supports aeration and sunlight, promoting full maturation and sugar levels that allow for optimal fermentation during the winemaking process.


Wines: Spumante Rosé and Reserve, blended with Piedirosso

Story: Aglianico is a black grape that thrives in the heat of Campania. It’s best known for its red wines but also makes superb rosé and sparking styles, a feature we’ve taken advantage of in our wine production.



Winemaking produces a very low quantity of sulfites naturally. It’s an integral part of the process. However, that’s where Cantina del Vesuvio and sulfites part company. Unlike other wineries, through our organic production methods, we don’t add any additional sulfites to our wines at any stage.


DOC - Denominazione d’Origine Controllata

In Italy, the DOC classification of wines is among the highest. Translating as ‘designation of controlled origin’, it encompasses exacting rules about permitted grape varieties, harvest yields, and maturation requirements. This results in finessed wines that express a sense of place and tradition that can’t be captured anywhere else.

At Cantina del Vesuvio, several of our wines are honored with DOC status. We respect this privilege by producing them to the stringent standards the ranking demands.


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