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A Wine Tasting You Wont' Forget!

A Wine Tasting You Wont' Forget!

If delicious wine, authentic Italian food and gorgeous landscapes are your thing, then you have to come visit! 


Cantina del Vesuvio is a family-owned winery growing grapes on the volcanic slopes of Mt. Vesuvius. The vineyards are impressive, the views are gorgeous, the wines are fabulous, and the people are warm and welcoming.


Our wines are world-class, made with unique native grapes and grown with organic methods. They are only available in our online wine shop and at the winery because we believe in keeping a strong connection with the people that appreciate these volcanic wines our family has been making with great care for decades.


We do not have customers, just new friends and the best way to get acquainted with each other is through our wine tastings. 


It all starts in the vineyards.


Take a walk through the volcanic slopes of Mount Vesuvius with a knowledgeable guide passing through the rows of indigenous vines and feel the breeze coming off the Naples Bay – it’s a view to behold.


Cantina del Vesuvio owns 40 acres of vineyards on the slopes of Mt. Vesuvius. Some of our grapes are trained in the ancestral Vesuvian Pergola method, a rare sight, while others are trellised and neatly aligned. Learn how we grow Piedirosso, one of the best-regarded red grapes in the region and get to know some of the only Caprettone vines in the world, the base for the famous white Lacryma Christi wines.


To understand wine, you must first see the land where it comes from; wines are not made in the winery but in the vineyard.


Tour the winery.


Now that you have met the stars of the show, the vines, we’ll take you on a tour through our winery where Cantina del Vesuvio has been producing wine since 1930.


You will visit our fermentation room where we make wine with minimal intervention and take a memorable trip down to our cellar, with rows of barrels, where we age the prestigious Lacryma Christi wines, the crowned jewel in the Vesuvio wine repertoire. 


You will experience the entire process from grape to bottle and meet the family behind our wines. Once you are familiar with the vineyards, the wine-making process and the family, you will enjoy tasting our wines at a spectacular location. 


The wine tasting.


You will taste a wide range of Vesuvio wines - from our traditional ‘Classico’ selection to the ‘Superiore’ tier, that offers added complexity. And of course, you will taste the legendary ‘Lacryma Christi’ wines, famous around the world for being a pristine example of what volcanic wine can be.


You will enjoy your wine tasting with a selection of authentic, local food pairings.


Start with an antipasto plater with local products: salami, provolone cheese, "casatiello" (a savory bread), and bruschetta with heirloom Piennolo tomatoes, olives and roasted aubergines. The perfect way to start a pairing with a glass of Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio Bianco, Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio Superiore Bianco, Rosato, Rosso or Rosso Superiore.


For a heartier course, enjoy spaghetti made with durum wheat flour tossed with heirloom Piennolo tomato sauce, and basil is the perfect pairing for our Lacryma Christi Riserva.


Towards the end your lunch, finish off with Pastiera Napolitana, a traditional dessert featuring sweetened ricotta, candied fruit, and boiled wheat berries with a glass of Capafresca Spumante Rosato and Passito Bianco our sweet dessert wine. 


We are waiting to meet you.


There is no better way of enjoying a truly authentic wine experience during your visit to Mt. Vesuvius than at Cantina del Vesuvio. Your visit will be complimented with a beautiful panoramic view of Mt. Vesvius in the background during your wine tasting.


Walk the vineyards and be in touch with nature, be guided through our wines and by the people behind them and share an unforgettable experience with your loved ones. This will be a wine tasting you will never forget!

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