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The Lowdown on Wine Sediment: Part 2

The Lowdown on Wine Sediment: Part 2

Last time, we introduced you to wine sediment – the unusual crystal formations that sometimes appear in a glass of wine. We explained what this sediment is and what causes it, and started on how winemakers remove it – if they remove it! You can read Part 1 here. Many vintners refuse to, including Cantina del Vesuvio – and for good reason! Find out more in the second part of this information-packed blog is about.


Which wines are fined?


Most high-volume inexpensive wines meant for novice wine drinkers don't have sediment. Winemakers are aware that beginner wine drinkers will be put off if they notice anything unusual in the bottle. As such, entry-level wine is fined and stabilized to create a reassuringly crystal-clear appearance.


Expert wine drinkers won't be bothered by sediment since they understand that it is a normal byproduct of artisanal, tailored winemaking.


So now, with this knowledge, you’re one step closer to becoming an expert!


What does sediment tell us about the winemaker?


Sediment is a typical characteristic of an organically made wine. What’s more, choosing to make an organic wine shows that producers aim to make unique wines rather than mass-produced, high-sale styles.


What’s more, organic vineyards are cultivated with natural fertilizers and pest control methods, which are less harmful to the environment and human health. It’s hard work cultivating organic grapes but worth it.


Cantina del Vesuvio occupies this category. We have discovered that organic production is especially important when it comes to the lesser-known or indigenous grape varietals found in our native Campania. We’re proud of our vinicultural heritage and want to express it fully in our wines. Across our 16 hectares of vineyard, we grow Carpettone, Piedirosso, and Aglianico to produce the local Vesuvio Lacryma Christi DOC, wine made from fruit grown on the rich slopes of the ancient namesake volcano.


Organic wines are often considered to be of higher quality as they are made from healthier grapes. What’s more, due to the use of natural yeasts and minimal intervention during the winemaking process, organic wines also frequently have a more distinctive and singular flavor profile.


Our wines


We are very proud to say that we adhere to the strictest European organic certification standards both in the vineyard and winery.


For nearly a century, we've been focusing on high-quality wines. We only produce a limited amount of bottles annually and sell them directly at the winery or through our online shop.


We welcome you to our daily wine tastings and our wine club so you can experience for yourself that sediment is a good thing! It’s a sign of authenticity, promoting the unique and unfiltered characters that only organic wines can offer.


We say cin cin to that!

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