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Lemons, Pasta, and Wine: The Perfect Summer Combo

Lemons, Pasta, and Wine: The Perfect Summer Combo

With the spring slowly turning into the summer, the days are getting warmer here at Cantina del Vesuvio. We are ready to welcome you to the winery, but if you can’t be here now, here is an idea on how to create the atmosphere of a summer afternoon in Campania by yourself: prepare an authentic Italian dish and pair it with exquisite wine.


No dish speaks of summer in Campania like a simple plate of Linguine al Limone paired with a glass of white wine. 


This simple pasta dish showcases the basic principle of Italian cuisine: it’s not about the quantity of ingredients, it’s all about the quality. All you’ll need for this recipe is the zest of two lemons, a dash of lemon juice, a sprig of basil, some olive oil, and salt and pepper to taste.  


The preparation of this dish consists of simply heating up the lemon and basil in the pan with some olive oil for a hot minute, mixing it with the pasta and garnishing with pepper flakes. Sprinkle with Caciotta or Pecorino if you desire. The preparation couldn’t be simpler, but the aromas that will fill your kitchen are pure magic. 

The Bianco Vesuvio Lacryma Christi DOC white wine makes an absolutely perfect pairing for this lemony pasta dish. At Cantina del Vesuvio, the white Lacryma Christi wine is made only with grapes of the local Caprettone variety. 

Native to the slopes of Vesuvius, Caprettone grapes are a natural companion to the local Sorrento lemons. 

With hints of citrus, a rich floral bouquet, and a distinct minerality, our 100% Caprettone Lacryma corresponds to the aroma of lemon and basil in a lively way, making you feel as if you are enjoying the sun of Campania at that very moment. 

For more tips & recipes like this one, accompanied with wine pairings, check out the cookbook From Capri to Vesuvius by our very own Ester Grosso and add it to your next wine order. Or, even better, come visit us and enjoy a cooking class with the freshest local ingredients at Cantina del Vesuvio estate.

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